Why I Love PCA Skin

Truth time: I used to have acne.  Horrible and painful acne.  Acne that I feared would leave me with scars. I developed acne right after high school and it was aweful.  Nothing I tried worked until I found Proactive and even then my skin wasn’t quite right.  I was using it for a while when a co-worker said to me, “Are you still using Proactive, because it’s not working.”  I already knew it wasn’t working because I had a few pustules on my face that day, thank you very much!  But if some one else could tell that my skin wasn’t improving, then I wasn’t paranoid!  I already suspected the line wasn’t helping but I thought maybe I was my worst critic.  So I called the help line and was like “this isn’t working and my skin hurts!” Let me tell you something, several changes later and my skin STILL wasn’t clear and it still hurt (mind you I do not have sensitive skin. I tried both formulas and I do prefer the salicylic acid formulation in case you’re curious).  I could go on forever but my history with acne is the reason I got into skin care.  I spent so much money on products that over promised and under delivered (big understatement), until I found PCA.

PCA Skin Care works.  Plain and symple.  That’s why I shout it from them roof tops and want everyone  to get on board.  PCA sets realistic expectations and then delivers consistently.  There is no cure for acne and PCA doesn’t promise to rid you of pimples, but it can make them go away while normalizing your skin, evening skin tone, boosting collagen and elastin & more.  I love that it’s also a line that works on clearing up conditions and maintaining healthy complexions because my clients are interested in having a relaxing facial while seein tangible results before they leave my treatment room.

Full disclosure: A perk of being a Certified PCA Skincare Specialist is that I can retail the product.  Since I only speak about what I know, I have featured it heavily on my blog, but I am NOT being paid to do so.

If you have questions, just ask.  I won’t bite😊

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