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This was my clients’ first ever facial! I have her an #Acne Treatment #facial! I’ll show you before and after pics in the future because I know how it feels to have acne exposed…NOT FUN! Treating acne is a process but it’s well worth establishing a facial routine to help decrease the amount of dead skin and bacteria that causes #acne to grow. Regular facials also reduce redness and #scarring! Appointments available! 210-822-0292image✨My client has been coming to me for several months now and since I know her skin well, I gave her an advanced #facial: #microdermabrasion + pre-peel accelerator, followed by a luxurious #massage and a hydrating #mask. Then I applied Hydrating Serum, a Lipid complex, a #retinol booster, ideal complex revitalizing eye gel and Profecting Protection SPF 30!!! I still have a few spots open tomorrow! The number is in my profile!


This facial was advanced. We did a Therapeutic Hydrating Oat Milk Mask, a Detox Deep Pore Treatment, extractions, and a Peel. Advanced facials are performed after a series of facials where I become well acquainted with your skin and how it responds to each treatment individually. Redness usually goes away in 30 minutes or so. All products are @pcaskin and you will ❤️💜❤️ your skin afterwards!!!


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