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Microblading is a form of Semi Permanent makeup that lasts 12-18 months that enhances any eyebrow.  People suffering from alopecia, trigonometric, hair loss, over-tweezed and never grew back eyebrows, and anyone who wants to wake up with perfect brows!  The Everlasting Brows pigment is non-toxic and formulated to match your original eyebrow color so it blends perfectly into existing eyebrows leaving realistic, flawless, fuller brows.

What’s the difference between tattooing and microblading?

There are quite a few differences actually.

  • In Tattooing, ink is deposited with a machine into the depths of the dermis and is permanent.  Microblading pigments are deposited into the epidermis (upper or outer layer of skin)  where cells are more compact so we can create crisp, fine lines that mimic the width of a blade of eyebrow hair and are deposited in  the direction the hair naturally grows with a handheld tool to create a multidimensional look that is desirable and precise.
  • Microblading is less painful than tattooing and the risk of scaring is much lower.
  • Topical numbing cream/gel is used to make sure you are comfortable at all times.
  • Pigment fades within 12-18 months and doesn’t turn grey, blue, or any other unnatural color while fading out.
  • Very realistic and soft.

Prodecure Time and Cancellation Policy

Microblading is a two-procedure process.  The initial procedure is about 3 hours long.  The precision session occurs 4-6 weeks after the first procedure and is about 1.5-2 hours long.  During the precision session we make any additional enhancements that you and I feel are necessary to give you your desired look.  We can add density, enhance color, make your eyebrows thicker, etc.

Please contact me if you will be late.  Being more than 20 minutes late to your appointment may result in the cancellation of your appointment.

Microblading appointments may be rescheduled greater than 2 weeks prior to your service free of charge. Rescheduling less than 2 weeks before your appointment will result in a $75 convenience fee.

Please note that a credit card will be kept on file to book your appointment; missed appointments will be charged the full amount of service

Complementary 30 minute consultations are manditory prior to booking your appointment. During this time we discuss consent forms, post care procedures and any other questions you have.  Once you have decided you want to book the appointment a NON-REFUNDABLE $100 DEPOSIT IS REQUIRED TO RESERVE YOUR APPOINTMENT.

To prepare for your appointment:

Bring in reference pictures of your ideal shape and color as well as pictures of the way you normally wear your eyebrows.  Please come in with no makeup on your eyebrows the day of your appointment.  DO NOT drink alcohol or take any blood thinning medications (i.e. Aspirin, Ibuprofen, Niacin, etc) 24 hours before your appointment.  DO NOT get excessive sun or use a tanning bed 30 days BEFORE AND AFTER your appointment.  NO waxing, tweezing, threading 48 hours before your appointment.

After your appointment:

IT IS EXTREEMLY IMPORTANT THAT YOU FOLLOW ALL POST PROCEDURE CARE INSTRUCTIONS!!! You may experience redness and swelling up to 48 hours.  The pigments will appear 30-50% darker and bolder during the initial healing process.  The first week you will begin to see the area soften and the color will start to lighten while healing.  There may be itching and flaking during the first two weeks…DO NOT DO NOT DO NOT pick or scratch the pigment.  Please note that in the first 6 weeks the amount of pigment fading vairies from client to client because everyone’s skin is different.   You may feel like you are losing too much color but skin regenerates the pigment in the healing process and in som cases hide the strokes completely.  You MUST allow the FULL healing time of 6 weeks to see the true color.

What is included in the price?

The price includes the first session, the precision session as well as the balm needed for brows to heal properly in the two weeks following your procedure.

During your first session we will collaborate and find the shape of brow for your face, the width/fullness of the brow and color.  Every brow is customized to fit each client and no stencils are used during this process.