New Pigment Alert!

I am so excited to feature this new pigment, Alek.  Named after supermodel Alek Wek, this Pigment is designed for darker skinned clients who need a pigment darker than Naomi, is NOT black, but ALMOST black.


If you don’t already know, I am uber passionate about the representation and inclusion of women and men of all skin colors in cosmetology. Having a ginger, freckles face father and a  chocolate mother, my skin color is smack dab in the middle and often considered dark.  I am not dark by comparison, so I refuse to support brands that don’t extend their range of makeup for people darker than me.


I love that EVERLASTING BROWS has pigments for EVERYONE, from fairest fair to darkest dark and I proudly feature their non-toxic, fully customizable, high quality pigments in my treatment room.

If you think Alek would be the perfect color for you, let’s have a consultation!



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