Lately I have been breaking out and after I took a look at my life, I realized I was most likely to blame.


1. Cell Phone-I take it with me EVERYWHERE and don’t disinfect it as much as I should.
2. Brushes. I normally wash my makeup brushes ever other week, but summer has been a busy season! Out of town guests, family get togethers, chores, and everyday life has just been one never ending list of things to do. At the end of the day I just crash. But I have learned my lesson. I’ll schedule it into my week somehow. It’s a good thing I found this brush cleaner by Real Techniques! It’s the best cleaner I have ever used because it rinses off so easily!!! It has cut my wash time in half so I guess I have no reason to be lazy, huh?

3. Pillow cases-I usually clean mine every week but I haven’t been.  Oils and products from hair and face sit on pillow cases and that’s what leads to breakouts as we sleep.  Imagine, I’m getting my precious, precious sleep and all the while I’m mashing gross germs into my pores.  Yuck.
4. Dirty Clarisonic – clarisonic brushes are non-porous so they don’t accumulate bacteria, but none the less it’s important to wash them with antibacterial soap every week or so.
5. Little hands touching my face. My 5 year old loves touch. He’s sensory and he’s sweet as pie! I loves to touch my face to show me affection or to get my attention or just in play, but kids hands are disgusting!!! Cringe! I don’t know if I can live without those quiet moments when he walks up to me, lovingly cups my cheeks in his tiny hand, and walks back to whatever was previously occupying his attention. Talk about melting my heart!!!

6. New products. I really don’t know if the new product broke me out or not because I was already breaking out a bit, so I’ll try it again when my skin clears just to be extra safe. I don’t want to say something broke me out with being 100% sure that it did.
7. Ingredients like Petrolatum, Mineral Oil and Lanolin. = potential comogenic.
8. Working out in makeup. Most days I am really busy and neglect washing my face in favor of getting to the gym on time. I know I know. I deserve the slap on the wrist for that major offense.
9. Diet. I was eating more processed foods and had started eating dairy again. Many dairy products contain a hormone called IGF-1 that tells your skin to produce more sebum. Dairy is also a known inflammation instigator. I wasn’t even eating all that much! One Greek yogurt a day, a sprinkle of cheese on dinner maybe two days a week, but I only started eating it again because it’s a healthy source of fat. So, in short, dairy, you are my enemy!!! I have lived without dairy before and I’ll do it again…unless we are talking pizza. Mmmm pizza. As a matter of fact, add sugar to my ememy list! Sugar is that friend that smiles in your face and stabs you in the back, or in the skinny jeans. I am addicted to sugar and all he does is tear me down. Sugar leads to a spike in blood sugar which can trigger an inflammatory response and too much sugar in the blood stream can degrade collagen and keratin in a process called Glycation.  High insulin levels can ALSO stimulate the production of androgen hormones that may cause acne flare-ups!!! Really sugar?! Who gave you permission to hurt me like this?!

11. I haven’t been exfoliating regularly because I ran out of exfoliant. I also haven’t had a microdermabrasion or a peel in forever because my life is so busy and it’s so hot outside and those factors are contraindicative of the type of facials I would get to clear my skin and kill the bacteria living in my pores.

I’ve just committed all sorts of felonies against my face!!! So I developed my game plan:

1. Don’t over do it on the anti- breakout products and at home treatments.
Get a spot treatment, use Retinol, don’t over exfoliate. Only perform extraction when the pimple is white, using two cotton buds and stop when you hit blood and wash the area after to avoid spreading bacteria.
2. I have started taking a probiotic to rid my stomach of bad bacteria because intestinal issues show up on cheeks, nose and forehead. And I have also started taking a multivitamin, fish oil (omega’s are anti-inflammatory), and biotin (although that’s more out of a concern for my hair health than my skin’s health).


Hit the reset button with a really good facial, and by that I mean getting a facial that includes bacteria fighting products aimed at clearing current pimples and getting underlying pimples out of the way as well. A peel, a pumpkin treatment, a clarifying treatment, a detoxifying treatment;  the best facaials are ones that involve some sort of treatment, not so much a relaxing facial.


I can’t do a peel right now because you can’t get hot for two days post-procedure and its over 100 degrees here on a daily basis. I won’t be able to have a proper peel until the fall.  I opted for a Clarifying Therapeutic Salicylic Acid Mask because it’s antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, detoxifies, and contains 20% salicylic acid.  I also had a hydrating mask to hydrate my skin and a Retin-A based booster to encourage more exfolication and bacteria eradication.  I peeled for a few days, but my skin in clear again and my skin is smoother and brighter.  WINNING!  This is a professional treatment that I perform.  If you are interested, please call me and book and appointment.  I am glad to help!

Love to all!

1. Me!
2. Dr. Sam Bunting-find her on YouTube under Dr. Sam Bunting or Dr Sam in the City
3. InSTYLE Magazine: July 2016, page 82 The Good Diet

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