Hello friends!  Time to have a coming to Jesus meeting.  We need to talk Sun Screen.

I don’t care how much you pay for your skin care, how often you apply it, how great it makes your skin feel instantly or over time or how many facials you get.  The sun will undoubtedly undo every bit of hard work your product and your facialist have done and here’s why:  UV Rays break skin down.  They tear down it’s structural matrix and that pretty tan you get from the sun is your skin’s natural defense against the harm the rays are causing, but even a tan can’t provide the protection your skin truly needs.  Eventually your tan starts looking blotchy via dark spots, age spots, permanently red skin, white spots; lax/droopy; perhaps your skin’s satin texture becomes more leathery or more similar to the texture of an orange peel…and if that’s all that happens YOU ARE LUCKY!  How about SKIN CANCER?!  How about the multiple doctor visits and co-pays you’ll have to shell out because you have had a cancer spot removed but now you have to keep getting screened for the rest of your life because you may develop more cancers in various places on your body?!

I’m just going to put some thing out there and I want you to let it simmer and then if you have questions, fire away.  There is VERY LITTLE chance that you will EVER achieve or even maintain pretty skin if you aren’t wearing sunscreen.  It just can not be done.  Just like the classic Doozers vs. Fraggles delema: Doozers would construct elaborate structures made of Doozer Sticks, but they could never got ahead because Fraggles were always tearing their buildings down because they were make of Doozer Sticks which were make of radish dust…a Fraggles favorite snack!  Wait-tell me you watched Fraggle Rock when you were younger?  Here’s a picture to take you a little further down memory lane.


So if you want to save your life (I know, drama much? But it’s true!), your skin and your money, here’s what you need to know about sunscreen:

Sunscreen is broken down by the sun, sweat, and time.  That’s why we need to re-apply every two hours.  However, I am far more conservative and recommend  that every re-apply every hour or hour and half.  I have come across more and more people who say they adhered to the two hour rule and were still burned, it may have been due to user error like not applying enough (happens A LOT) but either way, better safe than blistered.  Another reason is sometimes in Texas its like 103 outside you are sweating way more than you ever thought possible so your sunscreen may not have lasted as long because you were tirelessly wiping the sweat off your face lest it burn your eyeballs upon contact.

An easy way to narrow down which sunscreen will be best for you is the seal of approval from the Skin Cancer Foundation.  (If you want more information about the Skin Cancer Foundation, you can visit skincancerfoundation.org.)


When I went to HEB and it turns out there are quite a few sunscreens with the logo, so I picked a few that I like.

It’s important to know a few things when you’re looking at which sunscreen you want to use.  SPF labels only indicate the amount of UVB protection.  That means that you won’t burn, but you will still hyperpigement and your skin’s collagen and elastin matrix  isn’t being protected.  Look for UVA & UVB PROTECTION on the label to get the most comprehensive protection.  To know for sure that a sunscreen provides UVA protection, look for zinc oxide, titanium dioxide, avobenzone or ecampsule.  extremely high ratings of SPF are deceiving because SPF protection does not increase as the SPF number does.  SPF 15= 93% , and 30=97%, while 65=98%!  Nothing blocks 100% of the sun’s rays so you don’t need to buy a bottle of SPF 100.  It’s more a marketing tool than efficacy rating.  Lastly, apply LIBERALLY…like LIBERALLY.  For proper protection, you need to be applying enough product.  We have to use 1 ounce or enough to fill a shot glass to get the proper coverage.  Its important to find a formula you like and those spray-on sunscreens are tempting, but you can’t measure how much you’re applying and some of it doesn’t even make it to your body, its blown away in the wind.  And remember, hats and umbrellas are just EXTRA protection, they aren’t ADEQUATE protection…there’s a difference!

If you have a favorite sunscreen, share it with us in the comment section down below.  Have a fun time in the the sun! Love to all!



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