TCA vs JESSNER Peels & Acne

A client asked me recently what is the difference between a TCA peel and Jessner Peel? The difference is:

TCA Peels are good for the following:
Aging Skin
Dry Skin
Sun damage and Post inflammatory Hyperpigmentation on the body.
Rough, flaky skin on the bottom of feet that make wearing sandals scary and embarrassing. Or that scratch your man at night while you guys are sleeping!

Jessner Peels treat:
Soften the depth of surface lines around eyes and nose.
Smooth Skin Texture
Even Skin Tone
Oily Skin
Sun damage

In my practice I use both peels to treat acne because peels penetrate skin and eradicate bacteria, decrease inflammation associated with cystic acne and those big puss filled pimples. They also control sebum production, normalize pH, and get rid of post inflammatory hyperpigmentation (the dark spots left behind by pimples). Also, they encourage skin to make more collagen and elastin so they treat scaring as well. Imagine, all of that in one treatment! I love it! Peels need to be done every two weeks until breakouts are eradicated and then treatment can be reduced to the normal one facial a month schedule. Each facial comes with a Post Care Kit that contains everything you need to care for your skin the week following your peel. I mean…this treatment is a no-brainer right?!

I use PCA peels but if you’ve had a peel by a different line, let me know! I’d love success stories and bad experiences because we can learn from both.


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