Acne & Lipids

Lipids are CRUCIAL to the function of our skin. Our skins’ acid mantle/barrier function needs lipids to trap water in inside the depths of our skin so that it is hydrated, supple, and healthy.

Simple mistakes such as sun bathing/tanning to get rid of acne, over washing skin, using acids that are either too strong for your skin or using too many acids damage the lipids and lead to easily irritated skin, leave it prone to infection, water is easily lost, it may become flaky, itchy, or hot.

Acned skin usually lacks lipids which makes the spread of bacteria when we pop pimples at home MUCH easier and why some have dry, patchy, irritated skin. Also, i have found in my practice that many of my clients with acne don’t moisturizer their skin for 2 reasons: 1.) they are expressly oily & 2.). They don’t want to encourage more breakouts. Given what I have said about lipids and the barrier function of skin, it is easy to see how they are helping acne grow instead of hindering it. They are simply creating breeding grounds for impaired skin that can’t fight bacteria. Although there is no cure for acne, adding moisturizers that contain lipids actually reduce the amount of oil produced and help skin recover from pimples much faster and enable skin to fight bacteria better. For my clients with breakouts and acne I suggest they use Clearskin. It’s a light weight, water based moisturizer that contains lipids, is antibacterial, and cucumber to soothe irritation.


If you have any favorites, please let me know!


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