Food For Thought

You should know something about me:  I sit for hours and watch skin care and makeup tutorials.  As a kid my favorite thing to do was watch my Mom, Grandma, and Aunts get ready for the day or for a girls night out.  I was fascinated. I really don’t know why but I just love it! Nic and Sam at Pixiwoo have been my saving grace and I needed H-E-L-P.  This tutorial on a winged liner for a hooded eye…LOVE IT!!

In a world full of contouring, strobing, light coverage to full coverage foundation, lash extensions, fillers and plastic surgery, it’s easy to be convinced that your natural beauty is either a figment of your overly confident ego or simply not good enough.  I started praying for God to let me see myself the way he does, and He keeps telling me I’m beautiful because He made me in His image.  The more I kling to that truth, the more I realize how brainwashed I had become about what is beautiful and what isn’t.  I mean in what world is it ok for a girl to feel like she has to completely change her face to be beautiful?  My simple prayer has led me to truly and deeply appreciate skin care.  I mean, we buy foundation to make our skin glow, hide our dark spots, and diminish pores.  As I switched my focus to actually fixing the issues I had with my skin I realized that it is actually better for my soul and for my self esteem to have wonderful skin than to fake it.  When finally established a well-rounded skin regimen, my skin tone evened out, my skin started glowing and I no longer felt like I can’t be seen without makeup on.  I realized that I didn’t need armor just a few things here and there to make me look more awake.  Full disclosure: I don’t feel ready for the day without a little help from my make up bag, but I no longer feel “plain” in a bare face or natural makeup.  I wear colorful lipstick or smokey eyes now because it’s fun.  I like all the colors and the process of dolling myself up.   God is still working on my self-image because I do feel very insecure when I see pics of myself without makeup on, looking like I haven’t slept in all of life.  I instantly compare myself to all the gorgeous women on Instagram and feel inadequate.  Now I just submit those feelings to God and remind myself that I am beautiful in my own right and I wouldn’t be happy if I had to spend tons of time carving out my face daily; I would actually feel worse about myself.  I watched this video by Wayne Goss where someone detailed the process Kim K’s uber talented makeup artist (his work is truly remarkable) goes through to get her ready, and the list is like 50 products long!! Kim’s naturally one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen! On top of that no one is that unfortunate!

I understand stage make up and how lights wash out the person in the picture so you gotta amp up the shading and all that but now we all do it all of the time!  It seems like there’s no longer a proper time and place for that kind of make up.  The time is now and anywhere is the place.  I mean, someone could take a picture of you and post it on IG, FB, SnapChat, any where, anytime.  The horror!!!

Now in addition to learning to love myself I am learning how to work my angles so that I don’t look like Shrek in candid pics, but just happy, confident, glowing me!

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