Cuticle Stone


So I was browsing through the supply catalog at my job the other day in search of new fun things for the spa and I came across a cuticle stone.   I was intrigued so when I saw a cuticle stone at my local HEB for $2.00 I thought, why not!

So the idea behind the cuticle stone is that it is a pumice stone for your cuticles!!! I have the roughest cuticles EVER.  Whenever I trim them I get those little pieces of skin that peel away from my nail beds and if I go more than a week without a trim my nails always look like I’ve been digging through rocks.  I thought that the pumice stone might be a game changer for me.  My theory was that I would rub the excess cuticles away while leaving a smooth surface behind so that I wouldn’t get those annoying peeling bits or the thick hangnaily skin on either side of my nail bed.

Here is my situation before using the stone for the first time.

image image image image image

Aside from the fact that my nail polish was chipped and mangled, my cuticles were in really bad shape.  I wish I could blame it on the fact that I had been spring cleaning in the fall all weekend, but even when I am not this is just how my cuticles end up after a week or so.  I don’t even know what to call all that chapped skin at the sides of my nails beds but I know that I hate it.

The directions for the stone say that I can either soak my nails with cuticle softner or not prior to using the stone but the stone itself must be damp while in use so that my nail

White cuticle stone, CND cuticle away and metal cuticle pusher.

bed isn’t filed down.  So I applied my CND cuticle away and steamed my cuticles for a while using a hot towel.  Then I pushed my cuticles back and used my wet stone in a left to right “errasing” movement to get rid of my fugly, dead cuticle skin.   Let me tell you,  it was not as easy as the directions led me to believe it would be! One, it was not quick at all.  I spent an hour cleaning up my cuticles which really made me grumpy because in that amount of time I could have had a professional manicure and pedicure!  Two, the chapped skin on either side of my nails is really thick in some spots and the stone just couldn’t remove all of it.  A really thin piece of skin was left behind that wouldn’t come off no matter how long or hard I “errased” it.  I even pumised my skin down to the nerve and that thin little skin was still hanging in there.   So that was annoying.  Also it is really hard to erase my cuticles using my left hand! You can totally see the difference between my hands; one looks virtually untouched.


Left hand looks almost perfect.


Right hand leaves much room for improvement 😁

Not willing to admit defeat just yet, I decided to try it again but without the cuticle remover.  I pushed back my cuticles and got to work.  My cuticles responded much better but it still took me an hour mostly because my cuticles are tough and it is really hard to erase my cuticles using my left hand!  I was also concerned that even though I had kept the stone wet I had filed down my nail bed at the cuticle and created one of those unsightly ridges that you get when you have artificial nails.  I noticed a few things with the dry run though.  That thick, chapped skin at either side of my nail beds couldn’t be erased, I had to cut them off.  The thinner pieces erased MUCH easier.  Another thing is that if my cuticles were too soft the stone would just push them back but nothing was removed.  I erased and erased, but eventually I gave up and cut those off too.  I wasn’t about to spend another hour on my cuticles.  No way.



The following week I discovered that I had in fact created a ridge in my nail bed.  So I have decided to limit the use of this stone to erasing the tiny bits of dead skin on either side of my nails between manicures and perhaps I’ll begin to train my cuticles by pushing them back consistently so that I won’t have to trim them eventually.  It’s sad because after the second use I haven’t gotten any peeling ribbons of skin at my cuticle and after two uses my cuticles barely grew back at all, but that ridge in my nail is enough to make me want to chuck this little thing in the trash.  Still, part of me is still hopeful because I watched a few tutorials on YouTube that made it look so easy that I am not sure I’m ready to throw in the towel.   If any of you have any tips, pass them on to me.


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